Child entering into school is like a tender bud about to open its petals to the world. Its the most important stage in a child's life which decides the blossoming of the flower from the bud. It all depends on the learning processes adopted by the school how well the tender bud will turn into fully blossomed flower.

At My Apple School Sanskar Foundation, we make this journey of unfolding its arms to the outside world a very enjoyable & happy one.

A My Apple School Sanskar Foundation child undoubtedly has the self confidence sparkling in his/her eyes which distinctively communicates how well they are prepared to face the outer world. Our constant endeavour at My Apple School Sanskar Foundation is to encourage the child to develop his/her creativity to the fullest by providing a friendly & pleasent learning environment in the form of an ideal curriculum emphasizing on . . . . 'What is learnt & not how much is learnt'