At My Apple School Sanskar Foundation

At My Apple School Sanskar Foundation

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'Children are not things that can be put into packages and labeled'.
Our educators do know that 'one cannot put the same shoe on every foot'.

Teachers Blog

Teacher's Blog

An Apple a day keeps doctor away,similarly my apple TEACHER every day keeps illiteracy away

Field Trip

Field Trips

My Apple School Sanskar Foundation is a building with four walls & tomorrow inside. The object of teaching & learning is to nurture understanding.

School Song

School Song

The Apple of each parent’s eye
Learns here thus aiming high
To fly freely to conquer the sky
“My Apple School Sanskar Foundation “is mine.



Child entering into school is like a tender bud about to open its petals to the world. Its the most important stage in a child's life which decides the blossoming...

Time Table

Time Table

Teacher Following routing time Table is an old Story, Here at My Apple Teacher follows up with Topic/Subject Keeping in 1st Place the mood of the Child.

There was a time when preschool education wasn’t considered as important as it is today. Top Indian preschools, throughout the years, have launched a portion of the best programs.


Alongside the Best Playschool in India, bunches of bliss, parenthood brings a more prominent level of responsibilities. Each parent needs to give the best and most secure future to their kids.

Play School

Best Nursery School embraces the opportunity and benefit to work with your child and with you, the guardians. A sound nursery and preschool plays an important role for the positive improvement of your kid.

Nursery School

Best Kindergarten schools are phrase signifying 'plant for kids.' It was proposed to move kids from home to a classroom environment, observed as an early instruction approach.


About us

Our Philosophy

Child entering into school is like a tender bud about to open its petals to the world. Its the most important stage in a child's life which decides the blossoming of the flower from the bud. It all depends on the learning processes adopted by the school how well the tender bud will turn into fully blossomed flower.

At My Apple School Sanskar Foundation, we make this journey of unfolding its arms to the outside world a very enjoyable & happy one.

A My Apple School Sanskar Foundation child undoubtedly has the self confidence sparkling in his/her eyes which distinctively communicates how well they are prepared to face the outer world. Our constant endeavour at My Apple School Sanskar Foundation is to encourage the child to develop his/her creativity to the fullest by providing a friendly & pleasent learning environment in the form of an ideal curriculum emphasizing on . . . . 'What is learnt & not how much is learnt'


Well Equipped class rooms with teaching aids and approach to any open area at all times for a better understanding of child.

Experienced Teachers

With a wide range of experience and a zest to give their best our team of teachers have always learned to be a mother first & than a teacher in the classroom.

Small Class Size

Class size of 20 students ONLY, makes it possible for each student to have a confidence of being the real son of his/her own teacher.


At our Kindergarten students come here to play and build the base of their childhood and start learning methods of giving inputs to the brain in most colorful & apt methods.

Safety First

Along with the CCTV in each corner of the School Campus, each teacher here will always put forward the safety measures for each the student in a way that the child is been given utmost care and safety.

We Enjoy

Our school has LOT many more things, than we even think. As our teachers are more concerned on what is to be given to kids for being ready for the world tomorrow. Our activities also includes Value Education, Sporty Apples, Mental Arithmetic, Dance etc.


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Our Activities


Mad About Dance

Student at our shcool dance with beats of learning lessions and with new methods of teaching along with realy dance and music.

2 Years 6 Months and Above.

Our kindergarden students start giving their public performances from the age of 3 years.

We know our country

It's all about values

We believe that real education lies in giving good values and imbinding real culture which makes a child understand that for him/her god resides on earth in form of parents & grand parents.

5 Years and Above

Before learning to dis-obey.

I Do I Understand

Hmmm I'm hungry

We provide brunch to our students every day with each flavours of Protein, Vitamins and all required suppliments for best mental and physical development of students.

2 Years 6 Months and Above


Building IQ

Innovative Corner

Kirat's Klassroom is a window to see a better platform for each child and make their childhood most fun loving along with making each day a learning experience. This will surely put each child in a phase where they experience different lessons of life as they move ahead and understand how to lead a better educational career. Each child will be given his/her platform to recognize their skill at My Apple School Sanskar Foundation. It is understood that Each child is not only DIFFERENT but EACH Child can CHANGE the World positively.

6 Years onward

24 x 7 x 365


Sporty Apples

Activities likes Tug-of-war, KhoKho, Blind fold, Marbles, Dhamaal Dhoko, Satodiyu, Kundaaru,Collect the ball, Finding object in sand, Balance on Poll, Cross the hurdle and Run, Carrom, Hide & Seek, Top & String, Chain, etc...

2 Years 6 Months and Above

3 Days in a Week

Sanskaar Foundation

Established on 20th Dec 2010, Sanskaar Foundation is a registered public charitable trust with the goal of giving red carpet welcome to Students of our school to Sanskaar Foundation University in 2024


Since 2007

My Apple School Sanskar Foundation, Nr. Avdhoot Crossing, Manjalpur,

Vadodara - 390 011, Gujarat, India.

98251 33380

Office timing :
Monday to Saturday 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM
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